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La Loma

Café Selección (250G)

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It is a selection of excelso coffee raw material with outstanding attributes and whose objective is to pay homage to high quality as a result of the daily commitment of the coffee growers of our region. Café la Loma Selección offers us a coffee in limited editions from coffee growers who participate in the different quality contests of the country and the department and whose work and commitment to produce a coffee of the best quality is recognized by being finalists in said contests. Quality, traceability and social commitment come together in the production of this coffee.
Its production is carried out individually from the purchase of the raw material to its roasting (medium roast) and packaging, in this way it is guaranteed that the final product that reaches the consumer is a single origin coffee, from a farm, from a coffee farmer This is why Café La Loma Selección not only offers a coffee, it offers a story with a coffee flavor.