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La Loma

Café Homenaje A La Mujer Caficultora (500G)

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"This coffee is the product of the delicate and committed work of women coffee growers and guarantees the perfect balance of quality with social and environmental responsibility." Women play a very important role in coffee farming, they are leaders, mothers, working women, who with care, love and dedication transmit a legacy of respect and admiration for our land.
This work is what we recognize and honor with our line of Café La Loma Tribute to Women Coffee Growers. They are limited editions and each one represents the story of a woman from the central or eastern area of the department of Caldas, the raw material of this coffee has outstanding attributes, it is a 100% excellent coffee, this plus a medium roast allows us to offer a undoubtedly outstanding coffee and a unique and different flavor experience with each edition.